Granting Guidelines

The Molly Lawson Foundation will accept proposals from all not-for-profit entities licensed to operate in the state of Arizona. These proposals should be in the form of formal research proposals or demonstration protocols, which spell out in detail what the principals are proposing to accomplish and how these proposals satisfy the intent and purposes of The Molly Lawson Foundation founders.


The proposals should be accompanied by comprehensive, itemized budgets addressing all anticipated costs associated with each proposal. If these proposals involve actual research or any anticipated risks for the above groups of vulnerable individuals, these should be detailed and the methods which will be utilized to obtain consent and, where possible, informed consent, should be spelled out. Representatives of The Molly Lawson Foundation will review all proposals in a timely manner. Those principals whose proposals are of limited interest will be notified promptly of their proposal's rejection following an initial evaluation. Those proposals which appear to have greater interest will be submitted to The Molly Lawson Foundation Board of Directors for full review at a scheduled meeting.


This process will likely take as long as six months to complete. Principals whose proposals are reviewed by The Molly Lawson Foundation Board of Directors will be notified of the progress of their proposal by the Arizona Community Foundation staff on behalf of the Molly Lawson Foundation along with its ultimate acceptance or rejection. The Molly Lawson Foundation may provide specific information about its review process and follow-up up instructions to the principals of individual proposals but has no specific obligation in this regard.


As a not-for-profit organization, your participation is critical to our success. We appreciate your interest and welcome your comments and feedback.