The Mission

Under the umbrella of the Arizona Community Foundation, it is the purpose of Molly's parents, Michael and Doris Lawson, to create a foundation and endow it with sufficient initial financial resources to provide a source of money to extend a series of desired benefits to mentally handicapped individuals in the community and for it to grow its financial and personnel resources over time and attract substantial additional support from a broad group of interested parties.


In particular, it is their desire to fund clinical research into mental illness and Alzheimer's Disease, disorders that occur with high frequency in individuals with Down Syndrome. Other issues that are common to individuals with Down Syndrome and other problems associated with mental retardation are obesity and the lack of optimal physical conditioning. Research into these latter problems and pilot projects to deal with them are of interest to The Molly Lawson Foundation.


Optimizing opportunities for adult social interaction among clients of group homes and the general public and providing social events and trips of unique interest to them will be of continued interest. Lastly, the general health and well being of all persons with Down Syndrome and other disorders associated with mental retardation will be of interest.


For information about grants from the Molly Lawson Foundation, please visit the Grants section of this site.


As a not-for-profit organization, your participation is critical to our success. We appreciate your interest and welcome your comments and feedback.